Thursday, 7 April 2016

Winter's Back with an Ice Cold Vengeance.

In Canada, we are used to the big weather changes. We have 4 distinct seasons and therefore 4 different sets of clothing for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. We are usually prepared for whatever Mama Nature throws our way.

We often get asked, "how do you put up living in such a tough climate?"

Our responses to this question usually range from "It's not so bad" to "I love the snow" to "I just stay inside." Depending on the person. Or how long it's been in that season.

However, every year we pay our weather dues that we can have spring and eventually Summer. And boy, do we take advantage of our time in the sun!

This is probably why Canadians do so well when we travel to other countries.We thrive in even slightly warmer places because it feels hot to us. ESPECIALLY if we're travelling during Canadian winter.

I remember going to L.A in February when I was 17 and walking around in dresses and shorts and t-shirts. All the staff in our hotel were walking around in jackets, complaining about how cold it was.

I laughed and stayed out in the sun.

Flash forward to Present Day.

Here I am in April 2016, after surviving the cold and the snow.  I did my time. We all did our time in winter. SERIOUSLY, WE DID.

I didn't even veer off my winter rituals. A yearly practice that I'm 99% sure allows spring to come early (or at least on time). *

*I, in fact, control the universe. Surprise.

Anyway, I did all my usual winter traditions. I drank hot chocolate, went for walks outside, enjoyed the crisp winter air, read books huddled in blankets, went to bed early because it was so dark outside, and now spring is finally here...ermmmm, wait.

Nope. It's suddenly winter. Again.

Let me ask you, mother nature, why? Why?

I look around at my fellow Torontonian's faces and see their confused and pleading expressions as snowflakes smear into their eyeballs.

Our hands, once freed from our mittens, are hidden away under woolly protectors. Again.

We walk around, shocked and demoralised, like a kid whose been promised to be let outside but who is unfairly shut inside again by Mama Nature's sudden change of heart.

Her cool, icy heart.

It's not OK, weather. Not OK.

The only thing worse about this whole thing is the fact that it's affecting me so much I feel the need to write a blog post about it.

Yup, this blog post is about weather

That is just sad. 

Anyway, hopefully something more exciting happens before next week or else who knows what I'll be writing about?

Earth worms? The Dentist? Dryer sheets?

I'll leave you with that mystery.

Until next time, stay warm! I'll be over on the sidelines cheering, "Bring back spring, bring back spring!" Feel free to join.

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