Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Writers Block.

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut?

And you're sitting there on your computer wondering, "what the hell am I doing? Am I EVER going to finish anything ever again?"

And for a sad, sorry moment, you sincerely consider that yes, maybe you no longer have the ability to finish any piece of writing or any other task ever again.

Maybe you've got a disease. Some sort of illness that takes over all of your DNA that has creativity in it and destroys it.

That must be it.  But where could you have caught it? On the subway? Maybe. After all, you do take public transit A LOT. God knows what kind of strange germs your body is holding on to.

Maybe you're just lazy?

YOU'RE NOT LAZY. Don't be so mean to yourself. Shhessssh. With self talk like that it's NO WONDER you can't complete anything.

You need some T.L.C.

No,  what you need is chocolate.

Yeah, that's it. But you know you don't have any here so you should probably take yourself on a little walk to the store. Yes, you should.

But look at it outside! It's beautiful! And you were going to sit here inside all day trying to write. That seems like a waste of this good weather! It's January for Christ sake! Who knows how long it's going to be until you see the sun again?

You know how you get when it's dark out. Better spend as much time as possible out in the fresh air. It'll do you good.

And so the day goes on, there's phone calls, and laundry, and that one cupboard that you've been meaning to clean for a year that suddenly seems like the job to complete today. And all the while, your deadline is looming and a million things are calling your attention.

I'm more important than anything else you could possibly create!

And you then you decide, no. Today I will write.

You sit down at your desk and before you know it, you've typed some words onto the page.

Maybe it's not Shakespeare or Judith Thompson but they are your words and you love them just the same.

So there you have it.

You've chipped off a little bit of your writers block. That's all you can do.

Be where you're at today.


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