Wednesday, 16 September 2015

"Write on" Playwright Showcase Sept. 29th

OK so this is not exactly a blog post! It's more like an event post. Oooohhh I'm bad. I know it. You can't stop me.

But what I'm about to say is soooooo fun you're going to forgive me. I just know it.

I am hyped up on coffee and pzazz to deliver this message.

On Tuesday September 29th the second "Write On" playwright showcase is happening and you bet your bottom you want to be there!

That's right. I said Bottom. DEAL WITH IT.

So here is a little info (as the kids say) to mark on your calendars, iphones, and well...brains. And yes, I stole this blurb from our event.

WHAT? I do what I want.

Here goes:

Write On continues for its second showcase! Come out and join us for round two at the west end's favourite billiards hall -On Cue on Tuesday, September 29th! 


Write On Readings fosters the voices of emerging playwrights in Toronto 
while also engaging the communities of West Toronto, The Junction, and the Junction Triangle in a performing arts. (Big love to our awesome This showcase will feature an all female line up, including indie favourites Deborah Kimmett (One Funny Lady), Katie Sly (Charisma Furs), the effortlessly effervescent Jennie Blair, the wildly talented MearaTubman-Broeren, the fantastic Jessica Pfundt, general show-off / the poeticSuzanna DerewiczCoyote's Collective's cool cub Susannah Mackay, writer/actress/life coach/blogger extraordinaire Laurel Sunshine Brady, the incomparable Thea Fitz-James of Naked Ladies acclaim, & everyone's favourite (Gina J. Brintnell) will take the stage to read pieces exploring stories from female perspectives.The super soundscape of the evening will be courtesy of vocal powerhouse Mirian Kay, check out her website:

Doors open at 7:30 p.m.$5 @ the door. But our hearts never close.

Follow us on insta@writeonreadings particularly that of Bloor West, 

dialogue about theatre and the neighbourhood).

So there it is! You are cordially invited. I'd love it if you were there to support this fine group of woman. They are pretty amazing and we all feel super lucky to share the mic with us at "Write on."

I love you. You're perfect. And i'll (hopefully) see you on the 29th.

Have the most amazing day!


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back to the Grind

I'm back! In Toronto that is.

After an amazing West Coast summer, I am back in Toronto and feeling the grind. It's crazy. In a lot of ways it's a strange adjustment to go from a period of complete creative bliss to work.

And by "work" I mean WORK. Good work but intense!

WOWZA. But before I get too "woe is me" about it, I think my feelings are pretty normal. The ebb and flow of life, you see.

Still, it is an adjustment. The question is: how do you incorporate the blossoming creative practice into your "normal" life? You make the space for it baby!

 The problem essentially lays within the routine, the patterns that we have all created for ourselves, in short: our self-created safety nets. These unconscious defaults are something that I personally struggle with. And I don't think I'm alone.

So what is there to do about this?

I think the answer lays in: realizing what you're doing and why.

You don't have to keep doing the same old thing because that's what you did before.


I felt a slight panic when I came back. Was I destined to fall in the same routine, think the same thoughts, and trap myself? No. Not if I don't want to.

I do feel quite different even though I'm back to the same-old, same-old. How can you be surrounded by mountains and oceans for two months and not feel changed?

The frustration is simply that I have not fully landed. I am still in another head space.

So I have decided to just be. Here. Right now. Until It's not right for me to be here. And then I'll figure it out.

Why not? What's the worse that can happen?


Similar to the ebb and flow, I feel a need to add some grounded energy into my life.

The craziest part of being human is that we are adaptable- whether we believe it or not. This is the most "up in the air" my life has ever been and yet I've never felt so good.


I said, "I feel good."

I don't feel good everyday. I'm not Mary Poppins. I've had many freak-outs and days where I just think, "Well...I have no idea what to do" but honestly they are out-numbered by my good days.

 I feel like everyday I'm moving closer to the life I want to live.

I am, in a lot of ways, observing my life and constantly asking myself "What do I want?" and it's surprising to hear clear answers.

That alone is a positive change.


It's easy to be scared about your life. It's easy to be afraid or to feel like you'll always be exactly where you are. But in my experience, that's just not true.

We move, whether in a straight line or with many zig-zags and stops, towards what we truly want.

It doesn't always look the way we've imagined or come exactly when we want it to but I think, in a way, we are given what we need.

So for those of you experiencing the grind of "back to school", "a new job", or the "same-old, same-old" I salute you!

This is all temporary and perhaps you can enjoy the meditative state of your patterns, and come to realize that you can change your behaviours at any time.

Be free. Feel loved. You're worth it.


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