Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It's Okay To Be Happy

It's okay to be happy.

Even when someone else around you is sad or grumpy. Not to rub their face in it but go on, enjoy your bliss.

You do you, my friend.

It's okay to enjoy your day and realize you haven't worried about a single thing.

Worrying is rarely necessary.

To read novels and go for walks and to enjoy today. Without having to remind yourself to have fun.

Fun comes naturally to you. 

It's amazing to be happy.

To laugh at funny pictures and catch yourself smiling and feeling relaxed.

For no other reason than you're happy and relaxed.

Trying to figure out why is not the point. You just are.

It's brilliant to be happy. To spend long afternoons sitting at your friend's house, drinking sparkling water, eating great food, and talking. With no intention of stopping until you feel good and ready.

You treat yourself!

It's extraordinary to be happy.

To swim and feel completely present. To say "I'm right here." To feel like you're exactly where you should be.

You go, little mermaid.

It's necessary to find your own happiness. To know that you're worth it. To treat yourself like the beautiful, magical person that you are.

You're like a pixie-elf-witch-queen. WINNING.

It's glorious to be happy. To do something completely because you want to. For no other purpose than to please yourself.

And when you find yourself not so happy, to say "well this is okay too."

Today I wish you nothing but little pockets of joy.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I've fallen in love with a place

I am excited and bubbly. Giddy with new love.

I am sunshine and the ocean. I am new and old. Form and function.

I taste waves and I breathe in mountain air. I've fallen in love with a place and her name is Vancouver.

The outdoors are a sacred place. The mountains keep your secrets and the Ocean holds you tight.

I swim through my thoughts, and walk off my worries. I've put aside my to-do lists.

Except for one. Alright two. I'm still me, ocean or not.

I've fallen in love with the newness, the stillness, the sounds.

I'm in love with a place. And I think she loves me back.


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Friday, 3 July 2015

A little bit about goodbyes

I've never been one for goodbyes. They make me sad. It's difficult to know exactly what to say to someone and make it matter.

It's such a strange feeling. To hold on to someone very tightly, wish them well, and then let them go.

It's especially surreal if you'll never see them again. Maybe goodbyes are a practice for death. To realize that sometimes you have to let people go whether you want to or not.

There is something so beautiful about relishing in a last moment with someone. To look at them and think "you really matter to me." It's also confusing. And, at times, angering.

This year has been one filled with goodbyes. Letting go of people and parts of my life that sadly no longer fit. Saying goodbye to loved ones I hope will be around longer but only time will tell. Leaving jobs that I've loved and that have supported me in so many ways.

I wonder if there is a better way to embrace this part of life. To acknowledge that an ending has to occur for a beginning to happen. To practice the art of acceptance.

I think there is a part in all of us that knows we can't hold on to anything. That change is inevitable. There is a fire that lives in each one of us that wants to come out. A part of us that whispers and eventually shouts, "Be brave." There also resides a childlike part that wants everything to stay the same, to live in safety, to have the same people and places around us. We are constantly battling these two parts of ourselves.

Saying goodbye isn't comfortable. It isn't always nice to do. It requires a lot of courage and strength to be vulnerable enough to do it. But it's also pretty great to recognize that there are thoughts, people, places in your life that require an ending. A proper one. To celebrate the time you've shared, and to enjoy your memories.

Today I'm grateful for both the good and the bad in my life. That I can say goodbye to some very happy and sad things. That I have such amazing people in my life that it's hard to say goodbye. I'm surrounded by love, both past and present, that has shaped me into who I am today. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Have you ever had a hard time saying goodbye? If so, I'd love to hear from you.


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