Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hey Pal, Here's my resume

Okay. Here it is. This is something that completely aggravates me as an artist. The resume listing.

I know that in the artist community we are all trying to find value in what we do. We are looking for a purpose to make art, maybe a little validation or maybe to cultivate more opportunities? But sometimes its too much. I think maybe it's an insecurity thing. Do I find it frustrating because I wish I was doing more all the time? Maybe but its also this endless energy of puff, puff, puffing ourselves up to create this bubble of success. I don't know how to escape it. I don't even know how to pin-point it. Sometimes it just makes me want to go home and watch curling just to escape the artsy-fartsy competitive feeling. *Sorry if you like curling

I am surrounded by such talent but sometimes I just want to watch a play to watch a play. I just want to go to a gallery and enjoy art without deconstructing it or judging it. I even want to watch a crap romantic comedy. I don't know how to get around this.

Does anyone else ever feel like this? Does anyone else have that sweaty palm feeling when approached with the question, "What are you working on now?" It feels like a job interview. If I was honest with you, I would say "Yes! I am working on a few different projects but I am waiting for funding and I'm currently working another job to, you know, feed myself. Some days I want to harm customers when they yell at me about trivial things. YES, I would rather be making art with the wonderful talented artists in my life but you see they are also busy working their jobs. (Smiles really big to counter the socially unacceptable thing I just said) HOW ABOUT YOU? THE SAME? YEAH. GREAT.

To clarify, I'm not saying people shouldn't be proud of what they are doing or that they shouldn't talk about their work. I'm not saying that we should stop talking critically about art. This is important. My point is maybe it can be ONE of the topics of conversation rather than the WHOLE topic of conversation. Maybe we can break down these artist barriers and admit, "I just watched Mama Mia again. Watching Pierce Brosnan sing makes me chuckle every time"

Art is wonderful. Artists are lovely. I would just like to know about you as a whole person and not just about your C.V. I'm sure you are quite interesting even without the Times New Roman font showcasing you.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Adventures of Missy the Cat

When adjusting to living with a new roommate the key is to discover their habits and idiosyncrocies and learn to love them. Don't think you can change them. Trust me, the new roommate will not change especially if they occupied the living space first.

It hasn't been much different with Missy the cat. She is old and set in her ways. I have to make sure she gets her thyroid pill twice a day. In the morning I always make sure that she gets her breakfast first. I'm not saying that Missy is better than me or deserves things faster than me, it's just that she seems to like things her way. One day I dared to take a bite of my peanut butter toast and the look of disgust made me lose my appetite. I'm  happy when she is happy.  Perhaps it is not the most even relationship but hey, it's a place to stay.

There are some odd things living with Missy. One is that she only likes being touched on her head. I tried not to take this too personally since I myself have a strong dislike for people touching my neck due to my older brother repeatedly strangling me with his clown blanket when we were little. I have been scared of clowns ever since. Alas, that is a different story entirely.

Another odd thing about Missy is the fact that never in my life have I had to ask a roommate  "Why did you poop on the floor?" She seems mystified that I am be shocked, and offended that I don't pick it up without complaining.

She cries in the middle of the night and when I ask her,"what's wrong?"She never responds. This could be due to the fact the old girl is 17 years old and Deaf. Poor little darling.

Missy has her great points too. She greets me at the door. She never minds when I sing around the house, and she certainly never judges me for watching episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I simply have to give her treats and she won't tell a soul.

I guess we'll see how it goes. New Roommates can be tricky but I think I'm starting to understand Missy more and more.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Popcorn Story

Hello Friends,

This story needed to be captured in the heat of the moment so one of my best friends Melissa and I filmed it to capture the essence of the story. We realize it's out of Sync. So think of it as a stylized horror film. Perhaps the Blair witch project? A special thanks to Melissa for surviving this with me. I wouldn't have found it funny without you there.

All the best,


P.S We aren't making this up. This happened.

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