Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 reflections

What? It's over? Already? This year has gone by so fast and at the same time not at all. Day by day, I thought that this year was a really long one. I couldn't wait for what was coming next. This was a big year of change for me in many ways. I graduated from University, Traveled around Europe, started working full time. Old friendships were strengthened and new friendships lit up my life, adding new joy and sparkle. I'm so incredibly grateful. As I keep living my life, I am constantly reminded about how much good there is in the world. Of course, tragedy also strikes in many forms and areas of our lives but just when i've written off this shit-hole of a world, I am hit with such kindness and inspiration.

I have been so fortunate that I have such amazing, inspiring people surrounding me. I can safely say that all the people who are my friends and family are "good ones." Sometimes I look around and think I am so lucky. This feeling is quickly followed by anxiety that someone will look through the window of whatever house I'm in and see how wonderful my people are and steal my friends and family. They are too marvelous. I know. You are jealous but you can't have them.

2012 was a year that supposed to be the end of the world. So I took that upon myself to bring positive changes into the limited timed before the Mayan Zombies came and ate our brains. (Did I not get that right?) I started taking care of myself. A novel concept that has become, dare I say it, kind of nice. I made time for the people who actually mattered and who are also generous with their time. I didn't say 'yes' to everything because surprise, surprise I'm not a robot who can function without anytime for herself. I focused on myself. What did I want to do with my precious time regardless of what others thought. I chose not to get as stressed. I went to bed? WHAT? I tried to look on the sunny side and sometimes it worked. These were small 2012 changes and sometimes I felt good.

We only get one life, unless of course you believe in reincarnation (in which case, you can take this or leave it) so we might as well make this a good life. So in 2013, I invite you to be your best self. Have fun and do what you love. You are one of a kind my darling and I'm so pleased that you are a star in my life sky. Kiss, Kiss!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Benefits Of Winter

I am Canadian. I am proud of this fact. In Canada, there comes a time every year where we get to hang-out with mother nature's offspring, Winter. I don't mind winter in the same way other people do. So lately I've been trying to see the positive side of this cold weather. Here goes nothing.

 1) I can skate. I can even stop depending on the proximity of boards and/or small children in my way. Sure, maybe once I made a small child push me around on her balancing chair because I got lazy. STOP IT. She loved it, she's also family and who am I to stop a 7 year olds fun?

2) You get an early taste of menopause...even if you are a dude. What? You thought you were cold? nah-ugh. You just walked into the subway and as you are squished into your seat, your two sweater,  jacket, and scarf combination work together to create a internal oven. Enjoy your personalized sweat lodge until you walk back into the cold and experience that pre-flulike chill. Yum-o.

3) I don't have to shave my legs. This is truly a personal fave for me. All summer I battle with my razor or I simply forget to shave. Don't act surprised. Shaving your legs sucks. In the winter, no one cares and if they do, I'm not friends with them, making this problem obsolete. Shaaaaaabam. Freedom.

4) I get to wear long Johns. Come on, admit it. Deep down everyone likes a nice pair of long johns. A waffle knit is fashionable in its own way. You can pretend you are a lumberjack by adding a plaid shirt. Long Johns are warm and thick enough to hide your leg hair. Trust me, I know from experience. 

5) Two words: Snow men. Single? Dating a lame-o? Told that you are coldhearted? Or are you just lonely and need someone to talk to? You are in luck! You can make a friend and/or love interest out of snow! Add a carrot and some pebble eyes and you've got yourself a hottie...or a coldie? HAHAHA I'm so funny.

6) The peppermint and chocolate combination. Junior mints, After 8, peppermint hot chocolate. Bless whoever put those two together, and thank-you Winter for insuring that every treat or hot beverage I want can incorporate this delightful duo.

7) There is no need to wear make up because soon your face will be perpetually wind blown and frost bitten giving you a healthy rosy glow. Just mind the snot pouring out of you nostrils. No matter what season we're in, that's not sexy.

8) You can watch any christmas or holiday movie of your choice. Want to watch the Holiday again? Yes. Want to recite Hugh Grant's touching monologue about Love...actually? Sure. Want to listen to the irritating sound of Rudolph's nose glowing in clay animation? Golden. I don't care. 

The time is now. Make everyone around you sit together and pretend like we all get along because its cold outside and there is no place to escape to. This is Canada and we have cold winters. Let's accept it and find all the good things about that cold-hearted season called Winter. Sure, she can be cruel but she can also be pretty darn beautiful.
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