Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This place has become a battlefield.

This time of year, the library at school looks like a battlefield. A faceless mass of stressed out students surround me with huge packs filled with books, messed up hair,  baggy eyes like they haven't slept in days, and shaky hands holding their 4th cup of coffee.  I can't blame them. We all do what we can to hold on. I too, sit here in the library wondering if we will make it out here alive. This happens every semester yet I don't know if i'm strong enough to endure. The panic, the stress, the countless typing. Fingers bruised and battered from draft after draft of essays. Sharp thoughts fall on tired ears because we have all had enough. The slideshows, the reviews, the quizzes. It's a cruel place. Sure, we've been trained for this since we were 6 years old. Our parents assuring us that all of this is for a better life. That doesn't seem to matter anymore. I can't remember when this began or why it began. I chose this, didn't I? I think I did. It seems like im a different person now. Gone are the days of being care-free. I've seen too much in this library. Chairs pushed together creating make-shift beds and then there are the unfortunates who don't have a chair. They have to study on the floor and in-between the stacks. Those poor souls. I pity them but I look away because I have the privilege of sitting on a chair. I know. It's hard to see their faces, wandering around. Looking for somewhere to go. Still, I sit because we have to take care of ourselves in this weary place. This is what I've become. I'm ashamed but we do what we must in order to survive.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Too Excited To Write.

This Basically sums up how i'm feeling

I wish I could say something clever. However, I am just too excited about my first play Called Early Retirement. I can't wait until it opens. It is honestly all i have been thinking about. If you are free December 8th-10th, then you should totally come check it out. Details are below.

Early Retirement" is a contemporary tale of a young woman, Abigail, who makes a dramatic life choice to move into a nursing home to escape the perils of a broken heart. By doing this, she hopes that she can skip a head and miss the unhappy parts of life. Unfortunately for Abigail, escape isn't as easy and relaxing as she dreamed. Her codependent best friend Penny works at the home and insists that she not run from her problems. To make matters even worse for Abby, a crotchety old patient named Henry is constantly pestering her and will not let her wallow in peace. Abigail is one bingo game away from a total break down, and only an in-depth look at her soul will help her out of this predicament. Early Retirement is a dark comedy that will leave you wishing for the inevitable day when your children leave you at the old folks home.

This is an expanded version of "The Reason Why" which appeared as a part of York University's Playground Festival.

December 8th @ 8pm
December 9th @8pm
December 10th @2pm and 8pm

Tickets are $10 at the door
You can reserve tickets at

Written By Laurel Brady
Directed by Brendan Brady
Stage Management & Design By Jackie Comor
Lighting Design by Tracie Burgess
Make-up By Jessica Panetta

Laurel Brady
Melissa Lepp
Alex Rubin
Cailin Bator

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Bold Truth Of Coffee

Girl needs her coffee

When I was younger, I was a huge fan of the show Gilmour girls. In fact, I still am. I love how fast the mother-daughter combo talked, how much junk food they ate, and how they were constantly drinking coffee. So much coffee. If I drank that much coffee, I would probably go insane. I would be running, jumping, screaming in my caffeine induced high. I would be so addicted that i couldn't go half an hour without another cup of coffee. I wonder now why Rory and Lorelei needed this much coffee. They seemed to be busy, sure. But they also knew how to take their downtime. They had movie nights, relaxation days. I know their friday night dinners were stressful but still. And why did they never have coffee breath? No one ever mentioned it on the show. In all of their countless dates and boyfriends, not one time did their significant other say "Hey Lorelei, listen you are charming and all, but your breath smells like french roasted coffee beans?"

And another thing, is that they would drink cups of coffee right before bed. Did they ever have trouble sleeping?  And why were their teeth so white? I don't know about you but my teeth would be gross if i drank that much coffee. And they always drank it black. If there is milk and sugar, i can drink all the coffee in the world but if not, one cup is enough. What would be the long term health risks of drinking that much coffee? And how can they eat that much food and not gain any weight? Good for them for eating whatever they like but lets not lie to ourselves. If I ate pancakes everyday, I would be happy but eventually i would want a real meal and a larger pair of sweatpants. Does coffee boost your metabolism and give you super human stomaches? No. I think that is the opposite of what is true.

Don't get me wrong, I love Gilmour Girls. So Much. I just don't know about this whole 20 cups of coffee a day thing. I feel a little bit like a kid who just realized that the easter bunny is just your older brother dressed up in a bunny costume that your family insisted he wear. Sure, its funny and you can still enjoy it. But the knowledge of the lie will always be there.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

November: A Time Where EVERYONE Is On Edge.

Oh Hello Mr. Stress. How are you old friend? November is exam prep time. Essays, assignments, work and tons of rehearsal. This is the time you should be taking the best care of yourself. But lets face it, do we every do whats good for us when we need to? I think that this is the perfect time to consume cookies and pizza to counter act the stress. It scientifically proven to make you feel better. For how long? I can't say. I'm not a doctor. All i do know is that when i get stressed, i laugh when i should be crying, and cry about everything else. So when you see a dishevelled girl crying on the street, you may want to judge her but just know that she's probably a student and this is just how we look at this time of year.  I'm not a doctor but i'm 99.9% sure that thats true.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Is it weird that my room mates aren't home, I like to dance around to Madonna's "Like a prayer"? I really don't think so. I'm sure you do it too. Come on! You do. Stop Denying it. Maybe not Madonna but whatever else tickles your fancy. Sometimes when I'm working on homework, I take a break and dance around. Whatever, its not big deal. Its great for stress relief and its all around a fun time. The music i'm dancing to usually reflects my mood. When i'm in a bad mood for instance, i listen to really angry rap music. I suppose people wouldn't expect this but a girls got to do whats a girls got to do. Don't judge. However, sometimes I  forget i have a bay window and people on the street can see me very clearly...Well to you fine people i say, Enjoy the show my friend!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Maybe Rhett Butler Doesn't Give A Damn But I Sure Do.

The other day before work, i was feeling particularly well rested. I got up early, made a huge breakfast and actually had enough time to truly contemplate my work outfit. As I perused through my hippy chic wardrobe, i thought to myself, today is the day i am going to be a bit edgier. No frilly top. No flower cardigan . Today is a day to show my witty side. So i threw on a pair on tight blank paints, breaded back my hair, put on my glasses and finally, to complete my outift, finished it off with my iconic "Frankly my dear, i don't give a damn" T-shirt from Gone with the Wind.

I should note here that I am very proud of this shirt. In a way that i feel other people are proud of cars or awards, i feel the same way about this shirt. I work at a health food store that is predominantly visited by people of a certain age. Therefore i thought that my shirt would be appreciated as a inside joke. Look at these other fools not catching my reference hahaha. How wrong i was.

From the minute i opened our store, the looks at my wonderful black t-shirt were not friendly ones. "Why, that is a very interesting shirt." "Is that from Judge Judy?" "Hmmmm..." sniffed another woman. "Don't you get?" I asked, staring into their faces, hoping that someone would grasp onto the legendary phrase? Come on! I went about the explannation of my shirt a little too forcefully, eventually frightening customers away from their purchases. I tend to get passionate in a way that only Scarlett O'Hara could relate. However she wasn't here to curse, threaten or punch the senseless people around me. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, SOME WILL UNDERSTAND THIS QUOTE BY THE END OF THE DAY.

So just when i had finally gotten over it, A woman came up to the cash to purchase her vitamins. She started complaining that the price had gone up a dollar.

Let me sidestep here into the world of retail for a moment. I'm going to be honest with you. Unfortunately, the person you are talking to does not control pricing. I did not change the price of a product, price it incorrectly or not stock something anymore to upset you.  Frankly, we probably agree with you that it is too much however treating retail people with disdain and rude language will do the opposite of what you want it to. Also you are being a jerk and yes, we will talk about you when you leave. Just saying.

So I nodded "Yes" and tried to look sympathetic and solemn about her spike in the vitamin cost. All the while thinking, if this is your biggest problem, then you should be feel pretty lucky. My Customer friend did not think i was giving her the sympathy she deserved. I took her credit card to which she replied, "You're welcome." I looked up and handed her receipt, "Have a good day!" as cheery as i could muster. Afterall, perhaps she was having a bad day and i was instantly glad that i was so nice to her.

This woman looked me straight in the eyes, then down at my treasured Rhett butler T-shirt and said "I can see from your shirt, you really don't give a damn"and walked away. Alright...You can mess with my store. You can bring your agist, upper middle class problems and shove them in my face. But no one. I mean no one, can use my beloved shirt against me. ESPECIALLY, if you don't understand it. So i did what any girl in my position would do. I yelled "ITS FROM GONE WITH THE WIND LADY!"

Not my proudest moment. But to be honest, I think Mr. Butler would have been proud.
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