Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pain in my neck-Why i'm grateful tylenol exists

I have always been an active person. I love being outdoors, going on walks, doing yoga, running, and when i'm feeling super ris-kay, i've gone rock climbing...i know. Its not as cool as it sounds. I think i almost started crying when i got up too high. But i like to tell people this so they think i'm more badass. Regardless, i like being active. After a very outdoorsy summer of good health, good friends, and many a late night, i was feeling invincible. I wondered why everyone didn't want to do yoga all of the time. Idiots. My pride lead me to believe that when it comes to fitness i, Laurel Brady, could do no wrong.  One day during my usual downward dog pose, something shifted. You may say to yourself "Wow, she had a spiritual breakthrough" No. Thats not what i mean at all. I mean a muscle literally shifted in my back. I, being ever the optimist, continued on trusting in the wisdom of my back to heal itself and let my 22 year old body do its thing. The week went on and i continued with my life. Yes, a little stiff. Yes, a little tense. But i can be a little tense at times so i wasn't worried. One night, i woke up and i felt like my back was on fire. My flexible spine, which i had always taken for granted, was angry at me for continuously ignoring it cries of pain and decided to abuse me back. Stupid spiteful back. Given the chance, i would have taken my spine out,  handed it over to a professional to sort out and put it back in its proper place. But spines are not like children, you can't just hand them off to people when they become irritating. I was in pain and i needed to do something about it. I, being the natural kind of girl, decided that rest and relaxation was the best medicine. So i iced it and i heated it and i epsom salted it, and took natural sugar pills. Okay. So as fun as it is to chill out while your back heals... No. Its not fun. I decided that i had to do something. Something i don't normally like to do. I know its silly but i really believe that there are better ways to handle sickness then pumping your body with drugs so you are completely out of touch with what actually going on.  I never take pain killers because i assume that pain is telling us something and we should listen to that. But i was SICK of listening to my body. If it could just SHUT UP then maybe i would give it some good attention. So here we are, day 4 of back pain and although i like to think that all my natural therapies will help in the long run, i'd like to give a shout-out to my new bestie Tylenol . Thanks for being a "just for now" kind of guy. I don't care what people say about you. You ARE good for me. Maybe not forever. But for now, i think i love you.
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